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1  Public Forums / Screen Shots / Re: Woot! on: June 20, 2013, 10:13:37 PM
2  Public Forums / Screen Shots / Woot! on: June 11, 2013, 09:19:56 PM
3  Public Forums / Access / Re: access please on: January 16, 2013, 07:12:29 AM
4  Public Forums / Recruitment / Re: MotoBall - Arcane Mage on: January 07, 2013, 10:57:40 PM
Based on the pug Kono and I did with you, you weren't very good and were also pretty annoying in vent. You'd fit right in with Wutang's group!

5  Public Forums / Recruitment / Re: Tooshorti - Hunter on: December 27, 2012, 11:59:23 PM
why am i white in that picture. delete ur post idiot.

What are you talking about? I can vouch for this man. He knows what he is talking about, and he knows how to play. Don't know what else to say so here is a picture of me getting attacked by a dog back in the academy.

6  Public Forums / Access / Member Access on: November 08, 2012, 02:42:32 PM
Can I get access por favor? Shortiremix
7  Public Forums / Recruitment / Re: Shortiremix - Frost Death Knight on: November 06, 2012, 05:20:03 PM
To Faerrun,

What do you think makes Death Knights stand out as tanks? Do you think they are the best tanks?

What do you think makes Death Knights stand out as tanks? Do you think they are the best tanks? I can not answer that truthfully because I never played any other type of tank before. What I do know is my class. I should be able to survive in any magic encounter, probably better than other tanks. I have the ability to self heal using multiple number of spells to help the healers out in a heavy damage situation. I feel as though I get an extra health cushion with my stamina buffs. Being able to pull my own weight in DPS is also a plus I find the Death Knight tanking has over most tanks.

Could you explain the best use of the two crystals on Feng the Accursed in each of the three phases?

Well I never personally did this encounter, but from what I read this is what sounds like a solid plan.

Nullification Barrier is Ability A
Shroud of Reversal is Ability B

Phase 1
Tank A gets Ability A - should be used as backup to Ability B
Tank B gets Ability B - should use on himself when the boss casts Lightening Fist. This allows Tank B to stun boss during the casting of Epicenter.

Phase 2
Tank A should use his ability to adsorb the flames during the boss' Draw Flame spell. (People are warning to make sure to use this ability for the last Draw Flame cast before you enter the third phase.)

Phase 3
Tank A should use this ability for every second casting of Arcane Velocity to prevent unneeded damage to the raid.

3. What do you do to optimize the current gear you do have?

As your guild mate stated before, my gear is not that impressive compared to yours. With the gear I have I try to make sure every piece has mastery on it. If it already has mastery, I try to change hit/exp/or crit into an avoidance such as parry or didge and that just depends on what the gear already has and does not have. For avoidance, I need to make sure I keep my chance to parry doubled than my percent to dodge. So I may have to gem/enchant for strength when I obtain gear with gem slots. As you look through my armory, you see a lot of stamina enhancement. This is because I want to have a decent health pull before I start going for mastery. Once I can find enough gear with high amount of stamina already on it, I can gem for mastery more often.

Better answer to Kono

Well, now I know that I am no longer daily capped. I'm starting to like the gear I can get from the Klaxxi fraction. There are three potential upgrades right off the back.

http://www.wowhead.com/item=89093 (will reforge exp into mastery, gem for the bonus because strength is more damage and more parry)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=89056 (reforge hit to mastery)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=89066 (reforge hit to mastery)

Right now, those are what I am going to work on first. So I will be spending whatever VP I get on those items. Hopefully that is a better answer.
8  Public Forums / Recruitment / Re: Shortiremix - Frost Death Knight on: November 06, 2012, 12:23:03 PM
To Konomichi,

When Panderia first came out I was playing nonstop to level and get gear. I was able to make it to the point where I can finally start LFR when I had to leave the country two weeks ago for my sister's wedding. Now that I am back I have full intentions on finishing my quest for the absolute best gear I can achieve myself. I assure you, I do not live of guild hand me downs. I would like to prove that I am a prime example of talent over gear.

1. What upgrades are you working on for your tank gear?

Now that I am back I am running every heroic random I can get so I can cap out for those VP. Then doing the dailies for those JP and rep as well. I like to buy the most in expensive and easiest items to get first. I decided to go for the Lotus fraction first as I was further in their rep than with any other fraction. So I am going to spend most of my dailies quest allowance on them. Lastly, until I find a home guild I will just LFR whenever I can to get gear that way as well.

2. Which faction's dailies do you find to be the most fun in MoP?  The most annoying?

Any fraction that allows me to interact (cough kill cough) with horde is fun. Right now, I have only been working on my Gold Lotus Rep and those quests are alright. It is nice now that I do not have to wait my turn for a quest mob. Just get my shot in there and I still get credit. The most annoying I think will be the cloud serpent. I have not tried it, but I did not like grinding for my netherwing mount so I do not know how I will feel about grinding for this mount.

3. I see that you only have 2 Major Glyphs, why is that?

I leave that empty for specific encounter situation purposes. The two that take up its slot are Dancing Rune Weapon and Ice Bound Fortitude. There are trade-offs with them that make me not always want to have a third glyph equipped. For example, Dancing Rune Weapon increases my threat by 100%, but it also decreases damage by 25%. In LFG instances, I do not have to worry about threat, but I do like to continue doing damage just to speed the instance along. If I find I need more threat then I will equip it. The same can be said for Ice Bound Fortitude. I will equip it when I need a shorter cool-down on it; however, if I can do just find with normal default cool-down, I will like to keep my duration of the buff the same.

To Hygeia,

Yes, I did have a shaman named Shorti in Section Eight for Burning Crusade expansion.
9  Public Forums / Recruitment / Re: Shortiremix - Frost Death Knight on: November 06, 2012, 06:41:57 AM
I have used both of those while raiding during the BC era. Blizzard has a done a good job notifying me when shits about to hit the fan through the default UI during the more recent expansions. So, I never felt the need to reuse them; however, I am adaptable and will use them from this point on. I am sure they can only improve my raiding ability. 

This is quite embarrassing, but I actually meant to apply as a tanking blood death knight. I apologize for my brain dead moment and understand if it affects your decision making.
10  Public Forums / Recruitment / Shortiremix - Frost Death Knight on: November 05, 2012, 10:45:26 PM

Level: 90

Classes: Frost PVE / Unholy PVE

Gear: ilvl 460

Profile: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bonechewer/Shortiremix/simple

I did not play Vanilla WoW. I first started playing a mage known as Rubinator for Eye of the Storm when Burning Crusade came out. During WotLK, I continued as my mage for the most part but after killing every boss that expansion had to offer, I decided to level an alt which is now my main, Shortiremix. Also, I was still in Eye of the Storm during WotLK. During Cataclysm, I kept on playing as Shortiremix and just raided when I had the time with the guild If He Dies He Dies.

Add-ons include: BindPad, Recount, and Rune Management.

Communication: I have TeamSpeak and Ventrillo; my microphone is working and allows my to communicate with everyone.

Computer: Core i7 overclocked to 4ghz, 8gb of memory, 2 x 1TB in raid-1, Nvidia GTX 570, Asus 120hz monitor(120hz amazing for gaming) and cable internet under Xfinity

What's your favorite raid encounter of all time and why? My favorite encounter was High King Mualgar in Grull's Lair. This is by far the most fun I had in a raid encounter because, as my guild's best mage, I was selected to mage tank. Mage tanking was a different experience, and it got me into tanking mindset ever since.

Life/Experience: I am twenty-three years old, turn twenty-four in two days. Woot! You can find me living in and working for the state of Florida. Nothing to complain about so far. Love my job, my fiancé, and my new apartment.

As far as gaming history, I've been playing since the original NES. Parents just kept me going along the path of Nintendo until I got my first computer at the age of thirteen. After that, I just kept playing console games and FPS. Almost ten years later and I’m still hooked to video games.
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