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April 21, 2018, 07:08:30 PM

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by Dustbunny on April 23, 2009, 07:58:00 AM

Aim – Our goal is to stand out on the Bonechewer realm in the areas of both PvE and PvP. We strive to challenge ourselves with both dungeons and outdoor raid bosses while keeping a strong presence on the PvP scene in both battlegrounds and about the world.

Structure – The Officer Council is the central focus of power in the guild. Officers are  chosen to represent each class and resolve internal disputes or make internal decisions. There are also several other officers including DVA Officers chosen to help with governing the guild.

Recruitment – The recruitment program is one focused upon teaching recruits to be effective contributing members to raids along with determining if their personality meets the standards of the guild. Recruitment begins when the officers collectively decide to make you a recruit upon application. You will remain unguilded for the time being unless you are a cross server recruit.
You must attend as many raids as possible during your recruitment period if you are not available to make most raids it is unlikely you will be considered for full membership. Recruitment periods can last anywhere between 2 weeks to a month depending on your activity level and ability to prove your worth. After a certain period, generally a few weeks, we will consider you for trial membership.
After the guild members have made discussion over the recruit, the guild officers will vote upon acceptance of the recruit based upon input taken from member discussion.

Criteria for new members
Recruits should be evaluated upon key aspects including but not limited to
o Ability to play their class and produce results
o Shown maturity of player in game
o Commitment to guild
o Interaction with current guild members

What is expected from members – Members are expected to show respect for fellow members, members of our raid groups (including friends and recruits), as well as members of our server community. Respect can include a lot of things, and they are all things that will keep us operating at peak efficiency. Things that people might not normally think of as disrespect include things like excessive time spent afk in a raid, showing up unprepared for a raid, or complaining about deaths upon learning new encounters. There are also clearer cut respect issues such as verbal abuse of other members and non-members. We expect our members to have the give their utmost respec to people in game as well as on our forums and public forums. We do use voice communication software but it is not to berate each other, but to help us organize. If you have issues with other members, you are encouraged to take it up in private messages or consult with an officer.

What is expected from recruits – Recruits share the same expectations as members, but in addition they should be trying to prove their worth to the guild. A recruit must show the guild what they have to offer and prove to the guild that they will bring 110% each time they show up to be considered for membership.

Loot – Loot will be distributed based upon an “officer loot” system. Each piece of loot that drops will be decided upon by the officers. If a player of a certain class wishes to obtain a piece of loot they should sent a private message to the officer of the corresponding class or the raid leader if the corresponding officer is not present. Class loot will be decided upon mostly by the given officer of that class. Loot that is not class specific will be determined by the officers to be “best used” by a certain class. The officers (including the class representative) will be decided upon who from the selective class should receive the loot.

Raid scheduling – The core of our membership is based in the U.S. Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5). Recruits and members alike should count upon raids starting promptly at 9:00 EST, 6:00 Server. We schedule flexibly to accommodate server outages, class composition issues, and new content. Our general raiding schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday 9:00PM EST time to 12:00PM EST. Be on 15-30 minutes BEFORE 9:00 if you want to be invited to the raid. Friday and Saturday evenings are “off days”.

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